Saturday 21 May 2016

Birthday Cake M&M's (WHSmith)

Who says Birthday cake has to be resigned to just celebratory days? Not me! Well, unless you count the fact that I found these Birthday Cakes M&Ms reduced as a special occasion -it certainly made me happy! At 79p instead of £1.29, I finally picked up a bag of the enticingly special looking American candies that I've been surreptitiously eyeing up every time I've been into a WHSmith store.

It's needless to say that I had no idea what to expect from these M&M's. How could sugar coated chocolate taste of cake? 

The 39.7g  bag contained 24 little candies (if America is going to be precise with the weight, I'll be precise with my counting!) in red, yellow and blue. Are these the traditional birthday cake colours? Apparently so!

The inside of the M&Ms didn't give any clue as to their uniqueness, looking exactly the same as the standard variety. I let out an audible sigh with my first bite, and this was my train of thought:

Milk chocolate. Poor quality milk chocolate. I've been duped. What's the point?

Not wanting to waste my money, I decided to munch my way through the rest of the bag. Then, I started to notice a fudgy, buttercream flavour starting to build. I can't promise that I didn't imagine it, but the M&M's certainly started to taste better and better, and by the end of the bag I wanted more. Yummy. 

The Birthday Cake M&Ms were surprisingly good, and I would happily buy another bag -but only at the reduced cost. This isn't just because I'm a cheap skate, but also because the peanut butter flavour is still my favourite, and B&M sell them at a reasonable 79p per pack too.


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