Sunday 8 May 2016

Cookie Dough Brownie (Boots)

Monday: £1 Boots meal deal day, and the highlight of my lunching week. Ever since the disastrous red velvet cake (not to mention the vile coconut & pineapple popcorn and pants banoffee flapjack) I have given their own branded treats a wide berth, but they say that time is a healer -and my curiosity has once again got the better of me. 

The cookie dough brownie sounds like such a magnificent concept -after all Ben & Jerry have nailed the combination with their 'Half Baked' ice cream- but the trouble is, I've been burnt before by Boot's badly executed marvellous ideas. That said, I just couldn't not try it. Like a moth to the flame...

"A Belgian dark chocolate brownie topped with cookie dough, Belgian chocolate chips and fudge pieces."

I told you it sounded good!

As you can see, the proportion of cookie dough to brownie was pretty much equal. I couldn't smell the cocoa once it was unwrapped, but I tried to forget my previous experiences and enjoy the treat for what it was meant to be.

The cookie dough was pretty scrummy -very sweet, but squidgy and grainy- just like the naughty scrapings from the baking bowl. I couldn't find the chocolate chips (12%) or fudge bits (2% -unsurprising really) but I didn't really mind as the dough was so tasty.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the brownie beneath. The overwhelming flavour was odd -I couldn't liken it to brownie and it just left an odd chemically aftertaste. Not nice. I was pleased to find that it wasn't rock hard, and had retained some softness, but the texture couldn't detract from the unpleasant taste.

I decided to microwave what was left of the cookie dough brownie -after all brownies are always better warm and melty- but even this didn't make the base taste any darn better (although I can report that the doughy top was even more delicious warm).

Yes, this is another disappointing Boot's treat. It's marginally better than their other baked goods, but I think I'll stick to the chocolate bars in future.


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