Wednesday 18 May 2016

Côte-d'Or FudgeNut

My local Del Boy came up trumps this week. Not only was he selling the cappuccino twix bars, but also Côte-d'Or. Côte-d'Or is my all time favourite chocolate brand, and I was taught from an early age that they make the most exquisite chocolate truffles, saved for very special occasions. I'll happily admit that I squealed with delight when I found their Bouchees in Selfridges recently at an extortionate (but worth it) £1 a pop. It's such a shame that Côte-d'Or is so difficult to get hold of in the UK. What makes it's lack of availability all the more puzzling is that it's made by Mondelēz -who also own Cadbury and seemingly have no qualms with merging the British brand's identity with European chocolate Milka. Still, Côte-d'Or is sheer chocolate perfection, so I'd rather it was left unmeddled with. 

Anyway, lo an behold, the market trader was selling these FudgeNuts extremely cheaply -hopefully because they were close to their sell-by date and not because they fell off the back of a lorry- and they sounded right up my street:

"Caramel fudge, a pinch of salt and almonds, covered with milk chocolate."

The FudgeNut wasn't very large (only 30g) but I could forgive it's size if it tasted as good as I hoped. My knife easily sliced the bar in two, baring it's nougat-like interior studded with chunky almond pieces.

As expected, the chocolate was top notch. There wasn't a lot of it, as it merely provided the casing for the fudge. Yum -serious- yum. The fudge was the best I've tasted in a long time (infinitely tastier than Matt & Ben's Espresso Proper Fudge). It was silky, creamy and sweet, with just enough salt to take the edge off and prevent my teeth from aching. The almonds were in generous supply and came in large enough chunks to not only add texture but a beautiful nutty taste too. 

To put it blunty, I adored the FudgeNut. Côte-d'Or, you're are cocoa genius'. I really hope Del Boy has more again this week as I'll be stocking up! 



  1. Oh wow this looks amazing and so satisfying!!

    1. Certainly was :) are you a fellow Côte-d'Or fan? xx