Thursday 19 May 2016

NEW! Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Kind Snacks Bar (Waitrose)

A few months ago I was in the process of arranging a transatlantic food swap with fellow foodie Candy Hunting -who has the biggest collection of candy wrappers known to man, honestly go see!. Our plans were vetoed however when we finally clocked that it would cost a minimum of £13 in postage for a 1kg parcel -ouch. 

Anyway, in my request list was a peanut butter bar made my nutritious snack producers KIND. Once upon a time you could buy KIND's peanut butter granola from Tesco, but not long after I discovered it *poof* the cereal was discontinued, never to be found again. I'd all but forgotten about the brand, when their snack bars started cropping up in Tesco at the start of the year -albeit at a rather eye watering £1.29 a pop. At that price I wasn't too bothered by them -particularly as Tesco weren't stocking the flavour I wanted to try. Recently however I discovered that Waitrose have also started stocking the range, including the peanut butter bar (hurrah!) and they're all currently on offer for 99p too.

The peanut butter & dark chocolate KIND bar contains 7g of protein, is gluten free, dairy free, and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

"Here at KIND, we make delicious and nutritious snacks using the finest ingredients. Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate is a satisfying blend of whole peanuts, bound together with a touch of honey and drizzled with chocolate. Let's make the world a little kinder, one act and one snack at a time."
As you can see the bar isn't just made up of peanuts, there's quite a few whole almonds dotted about in there too. It was quite a tough, chewy bar to bite in to -so much so that I feared for my fillings. The bar's resilience against my teeth meant that it was indeed quite satisfying to eat, although that's probably just due to the amount of chewing involved.

Both the almonds and peanuts were perfectly fresh, although the peanut butter flavour wasn't as prominent as I'd have liked, overwhelmed by the honey which comes higher up the ingredients list. I've also got a little issue with the fact that the bar is described as being drizzled with dark chocolate -it's not- instead KIND have used a 'flavoured coating' comprised of palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, emulsifier, natural flavouring and salt.

The bar was pretty so-so, which means that I probably won't buy one again as they're so expensive.

Kev from (Kev's Snack Reviews) has spookily reviewed the almond and caramel KIND bar today, so please do pop on over to his blog and check out his opinion -which just so happens to be very different to mine! 


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