Monday 2 May 2016

Peanut Butter Ritz Bits (American Fizz)

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm absolutely obsessed with Nutter Butter Bites -so much so that one of my favourite Christmas presents was a huge box containing 40 packs from my peanut butter hating fiance, yes he really loves me!

With my supplies starting to dwindle, I've been dabbling into other peanut butter snacks -trying to find something that is on a par with Nutter Butter Bites. I struck the jackpot with the Mini Reese's Oreos, and I'll be sure to buy a number of packs when I next place an order with American Fizz. 

When I visited Miami four years ago I fell in love with peanut butter filled Austin Crackers, and was left wondering why you couldn't get PB Ritz crackers. Fortunately such a product does exist, but only on the other side of the Atlantic. As luck would have it, American Fizz sell them for a reasonable £1.39 per pack (alongside bacon & cheese, and cheese versions too). 

The 85g 'big bag' contains roughly 36 twenty pence sized crackers, apparently equating to 3 servings. At the time I thought "sod that, I'll polish off the bag in one sitting, thank you very much"!

Well, it turns out that Nabisco had got the serving size correct! The crackers were light yet crunchy with a salty aftertaste -exactly what you'd expect from Ritz. The peanut butter centre was also good, I imagine that it's the same stuff they fill the Nutter Butter Bites with as they're made by the same company. 

The BIG problem was that the proportion was totally off kilter. The crackers dwarfed the filling, and the paltry smattering of peanut butter was completely lost against the dry Ritz. The combination of salty crackers and saline peanut butter also contributed to they dryness, and I was extremely grateful for my huge cup of coffee to wash it all down with. After 12 crackers, I was more than done.

If you're after an authentic American peanut butter snack, you must try Nutter Butter Bites and Reese's Oreos -but perhaps steer clear of the Ritz unless you're a dry cracker kind of person. 

If you want a second opinion please do check out Nibbles 'N' Scribbles thoughts on them here


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