Monday 16 May 2016

NEW! McVities Hobnobs Tiffin Slices (Farmfoods)

I have to admit that I didn't give these slices a second glance in ASDA. I thought that they had just been subject to a packaging overhaul, and it wasn't until I saw an Instagram post about McVities' tiffin that I decided to take a closer look.

"Milk Chocolate Hobnobs Slices: Tiffin-Style Biscuit Slices topped with Milk Chocolate."

What comes to mind when you think of tiffin? For me it was school cookery classes; mixing together a gooey concoction of golden syrup, chocolate, biscuits and raisins. Yum. Those fond memories are ultimately what caused me to buy these McVities offerings -although the bargain price of 49p for five at Farmfoods certainly helped.

I was a bit disappointed when I unwrapped my slice as it was absolutely tiddly. With no exaggeration it was only a couple of mouthfuls -not much bigger than a matchbox. It certainly looked chocolatey through!

The oat and chocolate combination was always going to be a winner -chocolate hobnobs have got to be one of the best British biscuits after all. The slice simply had a higher proportion of chocolate to biscuit, but was essentially the same product. I was left contemplating where the raisins and mishmash of textures had disappeared too -surely that's a fundamental requirement of tiffin? It certainly is in my books!

McVitie's new tiffin slices aren't really what they're cracked up to be. They're tasty, but they're just not tiffin or substantial enough to fill a hunger gap -so you'd better have two.



  1. Oh no, these had so much potential! Still, I predict Tiffin making in my near future thanks to this post! x

    1. As long as you munch on the tiffin too miss, lots of love xx