Tuesday 24 May 2016

NEW! Ben & Jerry's Son of a 'Wich

Today's review is going to be shorter than normal as I hadn't really intending on writing anything about the new B&J's Son of a 'Wich ice creams. I just assumed that they would be smaller versions of the cookie dough 'wichs (that I am now obsessed with). In fact, the only reason I even bought the minis is because ASDA had run out of the full-size 'Wichs, but they are in fact different from their bigger brothers, and I'll tell you for why:

"Vanilla chocolatey chip ice cream sandwiched between two soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. We know this is something you may want to keep to yourself, but we've got your back if your friend asks for a bite. Four words: Son of a 'Wich! You'll find eight bite-sized ice cream sandwiches to enjoy & (maybe) share in here. Cookies & ice cream... good together, any 'Wich way!"

That's it. That's the difference. Did you spot it? Instead of the cookie dough ice cream, it's a chocolate chip ice cream that sits in the middle of the sandwich. The chocolate chip ice cream is admittedly less special than the cookie dough, but it's still luxuriously velvety and I think I might've actually preffered the crunchier nature of the chocolate chips. The outer cookies are exactly the same as their full size counterparts, a concoction of chewy, sweet yumminess that I could eat endlessly. 

I love love love the new Ben & Jerry's 'Wich range, and I think I'll squeal with joy when I eventually find the chocolate brownie version... I'm keeping the faith that it will eventually find its way to our little landlocked City -and keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime.


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