Friday 27 November 2015

Belvita Soft Bakes Chocolate Chip

Belvita released these soft bakes back in August, but given how saturated the biscuit/cookie market is, I wasn't too excited by them and haven't bought them until now. They come in a box of five biscuits and Tesco stock three different flavours: golden grain, red berries and chocolate chip.

Of course I chose the chocolate chip, and when I unwrapped it, the biscuit was thicker than I was expecting. It was oval in shape and was abundantly adorned with miniature dark chocolate nibs which permeated the entire bake. 

It's soft and chewy like a fresh bakery cookie, with little puffs of cereal which add an extra textural dimension. The chocolate is rich, and complements the sweet biscuit wonderfully. It's quite satisfying to eat, and although I wouldn't eat it instead of breakfast, It's a perfect mid-morning/afternoon energy boost.

Belvita, you've pleasantly surprised me with this line- I'll certainly be buying them again!


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