Wednesday 18 November 2015

Walls Gingerbread Sandwich Ice Creams

I feel like I need to apologise for another review of a festive product that was first released in 2014. Once again, I didn't get around to trying them last year, so I'm trying them this year for the first time- but I'm guessing I may not be the only one! 

'Gingerbread Sandwich is the perfect Winter Ice Cream! 
Gingerbread Sandwich is a special treat on cold, Winter days. When 2 delicious Ginger Biscuits meet creamy, tasting vanilla Ice Cream you get the perfect Winter Ice Cream. Enjoy it with a cup of tea, or just as a special snack in cold days, for the joy of Ice Cream with a special Winter taste'. 

I've got to be in the right mood for ginger; I often find gingernuts too crunchy and spicy, however I love a good slice of Jamacian Ginger Cake (especially warm with a large pool of Ambrosia custard!) and eagerly await the return of German Lebkuchen into the discount supermarkets in the run up to Christmas.

Unwrapping the ice cream, I discovered that it was a good sized portion, unlike the tiny Oreo ice creams. The biscuits were a lovely deep golden colour, and the ice cream was contrastingly stark and bright. 

The ginger biscuits were soft, chewy and perfectly spiced, offering a genuine satisfying warmth. The whiteness of the ice cream concerned me and I hoped it would't taste cheap and artificial, but I couldn't have been more wrong -it was in fact rich and creamy, which offset the ginger wonderfully. It's not often that I find an ice cream particularly comforting (delicious and moreish yes) but this dessert made me want to nestle into my sofa with the fire on and a festive film. 

Top marks Walls!


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