Thursday 5 November 2015

NEW Tesco Carrot Cake flavour Yogurt

I have to applaud Tesco for being continually creative with their ranges. They don't seem scared to push the boat out with odd new products and flavour combinations such as their ill-fated 'Turkey and Stuffing Weirdoughs' and Lasagne sandwiches but (thankfully) this new range isn't quite as peculiar.

They've produced three yogurts which offer an intriguing selection of hybrid flavours: 'Marmalade On Toast,' 'Raspberry Doughnut' and 'Carrot Cake.' Now I love a good carrot cake and so I felt the need to sample it in yogurt format- especially after reading A Review a Day's review last week.

They are only little 100g pots and when I lifted the lid I was met with an unappetising orange coloured yogurt with a lone sultana swimming on top. 

I took my first spoonful, and was utterly astounded. Tesco have got the characteristically luxurious, creamy, and fruity flavour down to a T! It is so similar to it's cake form that there is no doubt as to what it's supposed to be reminiscent of. Tesco have cleverly incorporated many of the classic carrot cake ingredients into the yogurt such as: carrot puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice and even mascarpone cheese (powder!)- which must be the reason why it is so convincing.  The only small issue I have with the product is that they've coloured it the horrid orange colour, which is totally unnecessary as the carrot comes through wonderfully from the flavour alone.

I genuinely can't believe how well they've made this lovely creamy new yogurt, and I hope it's here to stay! 


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