Monday 23 November 2015

Tesco Beautifully Balanced Tandoori Chicken

Tesco sent me some vouchers to try their new frozen beautifully balanced range as part of their Orchard scheme*...

'"Our new Tesco Beautifully Balanced range of ready-meals, soups and pasta sauces are expertly prepared with great quality ingredients, then frozen to keep all that fresh flavour locked in. So it’s really easy to enjoy deliciously healthy food in a flash."

I chose the Tandoori Chicken which it suggested microwaving (from frozen) for 12 minutes. I'm always a bit dubious about microwaveable frozen chicken, and was expecting a dry, tasteless (although apparently healthy!) meal. The pack contained two chicken breasts in a Tandoori sauce with red onion and red & yellow peppers. I couldn't fault it on Tesco's promise of it being ready in a flash, and I served it with easy cook rice, which meant that my entire dinner was ready in less than 15 minutes. 

The chicken breasts were nice and plump, and actually retained a lot of moistness despite being subject to the wrath of my microwave. The peppers were succulent- even my other half ate them who normally refuses to eat any veg. I was actually really impressed! The sauce had a certain kick, but just an enjoyable heat and certainly not a sweat inducing intensity. Anyone who says you can't eat healthily when pushed for time and on a budget (the pack should have cost £3) should give this range a go! 


*If you shop at Tesco and you're not part of the Orchard scheme, I suggest you sign up! It's a free service run by Tesco, who invite you to try certain 'programmes' where you can try certain ranges or products for a fraction of the price- or most of the time completely free. 

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