Monday 30 November 2015

NEW Pringles Pigs in Blankets

These new Christmassy Pringles got me really excited! It was disclosed at the start of November that Pringles were going to be launching a new limited edition flavour based around what is arguably the best part of Christmas Dinner, and I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival into stores since.

Chipolata and Bacon Flavour Savoury Snack

Now the one thing I couldn't get my head around was how Pringles were going to differentiate the two pork products. I think after all, what makes 'pigs-in-blankets' so special is the contrast between the crispy bacon casing and the squishy sausage within. So does it work in Pringle form?

For me? No. Whilst the Pringles had a lovely smoky flavour, I didn't find them particularly meaty. The most powerful flavour by far came from the Paprika, with an acknowledgement towards pork (which was more ham than chipolata or bacon) resulting in a product that's probably better described as Barbeque. I've found in recent years that Pringle's flavourings have become more mild, lacking the 'pow' that once kept you going back for more until you'd finished the entire tube.

They are a pleasant crisp, and make a welcome change to the normal salt & vinegar that is the Pringles staple in our house, but I won't be stockpiling them before they're gone from supermarket shelves.


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