Tuesday 3 November 2015

Lindt Caramel Brownie Chocolate Bar

It's that time of year again when the supermarkets are pushing sales of the Christmas chocolates. Every food shop I enter seems to be promoting Lindor Truffles, but let's face it- they are the best aren't they? They're silky, soft, and terribly addictive. I haven't given in to Lindt's range of individual portion chocolate bars yet and I'm too scared of buying a larger bar for fear of demolishing it all in one sitting, but when I was in Home Bargains earlier in the week I spotted a little treasure hiding amongst the confectionary- the 'Hello it's me Caramel Brownie'. It's a single bar that I've not seen in the UK before and it had the tell-tale white import label slapped on itside. I will forever be a bargain hunter, and with a price tag of just 39p, my Lindt resistance failed me.

The bar was the same format as their other individual portion bars; it was long and thin with 6 segments. When I unwrapped it I was touched by the little indents on the top of the chocolate which somehow made it feel more artisanal and luxurious. 

The first flavour to hit me was the caramel, which was lovely and deep with rich buttery tones. It's much more like Cadbury caramel than Galaxy caramel, and it instantly reminded me of the 'Golden Barrels' in the Roses selection boxes. The chocolate was beautifully smooth, and it melted away pleasantly in my mouth. The bottom part of the segment was made up of the 'brownie' which was infact chocolate studded with Oreo-style biscuit- but it offered an additional dimension of texture. The bar was quite sickly but it suited my sweet tooth down to the ground. 

Quite simply, I adored this chocolate bar. Thankfully, a quick Google search let me know that it is available In the UK, but only in the 100g format. I think my aversion to the larger bars may well be over.

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