Wednesday 4 November 2015

Peanut Butter Granola Bars: ASDA's best kept secret.

Now these are definitely not new. However, following plentiful conversations with fellow Bloggers about the joys of peanut butter, I've come to the conclusion that these Granola bars are a relatively well kept secret. They are sold in a box containing 6 packs which are priced at £1.85* and you can find them hiding amongst the branded products in the cereal bar aisle in ASDA- if you're lucky! 

They are an own brand product but are very similar to the Nature Valley Oat Granola Bars, and just like their branded cousin each individual pack contains two biscuits. They look very similar to Nature Valley's products- however I'm admittedly (and embarrassingly) so obsessed with PB that I emailed them a while back to suggest they produce a peanut buttery oat bar and they responded by saying that they would "let me know if they do" -which they haven't- so I'm still at odds as to who manufactures these bars for ASDA.

They're just as crumbly as the Nature Valley bars, and the peanut butter element comes from the spread across the top. The ratio is spot on, and the nuttiness comes through comfortingly once nibbled. They're actually the only British** peanut butter product I've tried to date that actually tastes of the real deal. They incorporate a good level of saltiness which compliments the sweet oat and honey combination beneath.They dunk really well too and hold together slightly better than a Hobnob... But don't quote me on that- there's nothing worse than losing a biscuit in your cuppa after all! 

If you're interested, they are also healthier than Hobnobs, as each pack contains 192 calories and only 1g saturated fat. The bars are also gluten and dairy free.

If you either haven't seen these bars, or haven't tried them for fear that they might not be as good as the branded alternative (and you're a peanut butter fan) I implore you to give these wondrous snacks a go.

-The American Nutter Butter Bites still holds the No1 peanut buttery spot In my heart.-

*Price correct at the time of publishing.

** After I wrote this review, my interest was piqued which led me to check the packet- they're actually made in Canada.

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