Monday 9 November 2015

NEW Choco & Caramel PiCK UP Biscuit Bars

German biscuit manufacturers Bahlsen launched 'PiCK UP!' biscuits in January last year with their milk chocolate flavour, which was then followed by the Oreo-style 'Black 'n White' in August. Now they're back with two new flavours- 'Dark Chocolate' and 'Choco Caramel.'

I haven't seen any press about the release of the new PiCK UP!s, and only discovered these Choco & Caramel bars by chance when looking for another biscuit pack to complete the 2 for £2 deal at ASDA (with the new Cookie Rocky Bars I reviewed the other day.)

"PiCK UP! Choco & Caramel is a delicious treat of two crispy biscuits encasing thick milk chocolate and smooth caramel. Individually wrapped, they are perfect for on the go!"

I've only had their milk chocolate bars before, but the introduction of caramel to any chocolate product is always going to be an improvement in my books. 

The biscuits were simple and had a good snap, with the plainness enabling the chocolate caramel filling to take centre stage. The chocolate layer was as thick as each biscuit, and it tasted almost like firm Nutella. A quick scan of the ingredients surprised me because my palette was infact correct- it does contain ground hazelnuts. Whilst this was a bonus for me (I love Nutella) I imagine it could be a bit of a trap for anyone with a nut allergy because it's not clearly labelled as a hazelnut chocolate. The caramel was a lovely gooey addition, enveloped in the centre of the chocolate layer. I was pleased to discover that it was of good quality with a decadent richness that shone through and enhanced the PiCK UP! tremendously. 

I enjoyed these biscuits and there's no doubt I'll be buying them again.


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