Wednesday 5 October 2016

NEW! Reese's Rounds (B&M)

I was both excited and resentful when I was tagged in a photo on instagram this week by 'productsinstore' who had found a new Reese's product. I love Reese's, you know I do -if you've ever read this blog before anyway!- so why on earth would I be grumpy about something new to try? Well my snack buying has become slightly out of hand again, especially with biscuits, ice cream and chocolate.. My kitchen is a diabetic's worst nightmare.. there's at least 40 bars of chocolate in my fridge (if you include the individual Reese's white chocolate hearts), 60 ice cream portions in my freezer (a combination of 'wiches, sticks & tubs) and a good 10 or so packets of biscuits stashed away filling up the cupboards too. All this (combined with the fact that I've had to reduce my working hours as I've returned to uni) means that I really shouldn't be buying any more food. But c'mon. It's Reese's. I'm impervious to resist their bright orange packets, calling me in like the nutty sirens that they are. So I hot footed it down to B&M the very next day and spent 99p on a pack from B&M Bargains.

"Crunchy biscuits with a peanut butter filling covered in milk chocolate."

The pack felt rather light (and at 110g it was) because it only contained 6 biscuits, however I then realised that I was imagining them to be a little like Reese's versions of the PB twix -of course in circular rather than finger format- and immediately equated it to three chocolate bars. Much better value for money. Go figure. 

I could immediately detect the pleasing scent of peanut butter as soon as the pack was open, which made me almost salivate with anticipation. I sliced one in two, and spotted the softer-than-expected centre. The peanut butter was more akin to the Reese's spread than the filling of their cups, which didn't concern me but simply surprised me. 

The biscuit was as crunchy as described, and instantly made me think of my gran at Christmas. I've been racking my brains ever since to try and understand why, but I think it reminded me of the crunchy chocolate covered round biscuits in the M&S selection boxes, which I hope you'll agree is a positive.

If you're not a fan of the chocolate covering the Reese's cups, you really won't like the stuff they've used on these biscuits. Which is slightly odd given that they're actually made in the EU (and manufactured for Lightbody Ventures -so it's not even coming directly from Reese's). 

The last disappointment came from the peanut butter which, although smelt strong, got lost in a miscalculated flavour ratios. The rounds consist of 27% milk chocolate and just 25% peanut butter filling, which means that the nuttiness is all but lost. It also didn't taste particularly like the Reese's that I know and love so well; lacking the characteristic salinity that the iconic brown is known and respected for.  

Well, they're not bad, but they're not great either. PB Twixs are by far the more superior product, with a much better balance of flavours -and better quality ingredients to boot.



  1. Shame. These looked super exciting xx

    1. I know! I've just seen that someone else on Instagram has tried them and was also disappointed.. xx

  2. They are so disappointing! Doesn't taste like Reeses at all. Even though it smells so great when you open the pack

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so Amy! Soooo gutting.