Tuesday 11 October 2016

Intense Cappuccino Bar (M&S)

I was in M&S recently* when I spotted their chocolate truffle bars on a 2 for £1 offer. Normally I veer straight towards their scrummy peanut butter bar, but I was swayed by the idea of a good deal (they're normally 70p each) and the opportunity to try something I haven't tasted before. One of the bars I bought was this intense cappuccino bar, which appealed given my love of all things mocha.

"White and dark chocolate bar with a coffee mousse centre (57%), decorated with milk chocolate (7%)."

The bar's size didn't enter my mind when I bought it, however I was taken aback once I retrieved it from its wrapper. It was weeny! I mean, finger size...

Humf. I know my chocolate cravings are hard to fulfil, but this was taking the Micky! Still, the finger sliced cleanly in two, revealing all of the distinct layers. At least it was attractive.

Fortunately for those who enjoy a strong coffee hit, this bar delivers the intense cappuccino taste that it promises. The truffle-esque filling was soft and packed full of flavour, indeed slightly too much so for my personal latte/weak coffee preferences. Despite the presence of white chocolate, the bar wasn't particularly sweet, and I felt my taste buds longing for more chocolate to provide a more balanced mocha style flavour -silly really considering that the bar is called 'intense cappuccino' and not 'mocha latte'. I couldn't really taste the chocolate in all honesty, for it was almost completely overwhelmed the coffee flavour and just served as more of a vehicle for the mousse filling.

Im complaining, but I shouldn't be really. I imagine the Americano or Espresso lovers out there would really enjoy the bar, but it's not one that I would buy again. I hope the other bar I bought will be more my cup of tea. Or coffee, haha.


*recently-ish, it was a few weeks ago!

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