Friday 21 October 2016

Milka Oreo (Individual bar)

Del Boy (aka the Saturday market man who introduced me to such delights as the Côte D'Or FudgeNut, and Cappuccino Twix) came up trumps again. I was later than usual to visit him last weekend, which meant that he'd already sold most of his stock, but luckily I found a lone Milka Oreo bar at the bottom of one of the boxes. Of course, I snapped it up in a Gollum like manner and hastily handed over the 25p Del Boy charged me.

Milka. Dairy Milk. The two brands are almost indistinguishable now thanks to Mondelez' meddling. Of course the Dairy Milk Oreo has been around for a few years now, and it's one of my favourite of Cadbury's bars, so I was interested to discover how the Milka version would compare.

The bar was close to its sell by date (23rd of October) but I was still gutted when I pulled back the wrapper to find a sheen-less chocolate with a hint of white spoilage. Damn. Snapping a segment off revealed a cream coloured filling complete with biscuit pieces that looked very similar to the Cadbury's bar. 

Indeed the filling tasted the same too: sweet and creamy with a cocoa kick from the Oreos. The biscuit pieces were chunkier than I recall in Dairy Milk -which I preferred- and we're perfect crunchy too. Win win.

Thankfully the white spoilage and dullness of the chocolate didn't translate into the flavour, which kept Milka's characteristic silkiness. The velvet-esque taste and texture of the alpine milk chocolate harmonised with the filling, propelling the flavour of the bar, and resulting in an even tastier version than Cadbury's attempt. Delicious.

Why am I telling you all this when I'm not sure where to direct you? Well Snack hunting extraordinaire Kev (you best not start expecting all these shout outs mister!) also spotted them at his local market last weekend, and we live at opposite ends of the country! So make sure you visit your local market (if you get the chance) tomorrow and see if you can find a Milka Oreo at a bargain price too!


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