Thursday 6 October 2016

NEW! Toffee Apple Muffins (Tesco)

I feel like I'm being stalked. Is it you?

As soon as I start moaning about the lack of seasonal products in the UK, the new Haribo come out, followed by these new Toffee Apple Muffins from Tesco -thanks for spotting them Kev! I was actually on my way to Gregg's to try another (different) doughnut yesterday, when I decided to pop into my local store and check if they had any; Hereford is normally very slow on the uptake of new bakery releases. My luck was in, for the store had some in stock and -at £1 for four- they represented good value for money, so my doughnut went on hold for another day and into my basket they went.  

"A toffee flavour infused sponge with a Brample apple sauce centre, finished with a dusting of biscuit crumble."

They looked rather large and fluffy too, and there's something wonderfully seasonal about a crumble topping. I was a bit dubious about how well a toffee muffin would work with an apple sauce, considering that the traditional Bonfire Treat is more fruit than sweet, but I was prepared to find out -all in the name of a review of course ;).

I was delighted to find that the sponge was as moist as could be, generously filled with apple sauce, and emanated a delicious Autumnal smell

As mentioned above, I expected the muffin to taste predominantly of toffee, so I was surprised to find that the apple flavouring had seeped into the sponge, even reaching the outermost edges. This was nothing to complain about, as it meant that the entire cake tasted of toffee apple -scrummy. The texture was so soft that it was almost doughy which, to be honest, is the way I prefer it -sorry Mary Bezzer.

I delighted in the apple sauce filling, which reminded me of Mr Kipling's apple pies (albeit slightly less chunky in consistency) and although it was very sweet, it was perfectly comforting. The biscuit topping was more crumble than biscuit, but it was a welcome addition all the same -adding a third texture to the muffin. 

It's needless to say that I really enjoyed this muffin. My preference in flavours means that it doesn't pip ASDA's Toffee Fudge or new Mississippi Mud Pie muffins to the top spot, but I'm glad I picked up a pack -and you should too!



  1. Ooooh yum! These look delicious. I definitely think I'm going to have to pick some of these up if I see them in my local Tesco. Drool. xx

  2. I wonder if my Tesco have these yet...I am terrified of muffins but what better way to challenge it than with something my wifey scores so highly ;) xx

    1. I'd definitely go for the ASDA ones first Laura xx