Sunday, 30 October 2016

NEW! Carte D'or Gelateria Apple Tarte Ice Cream

There's not many puddings more comforting than a bowl of apple crumble (or tar) with custard (or ice cream or a combination of both which my father in-law swears by) on an Autumnal evening. The weather at the moment however is very mild for late October so I thought I'd get my fix of the seasonal flavours from Carte D'Or's new Apple Tarte flavoured ice cream. 

I spotted it in ASDA at £2 for 900ml, which I didn't think was too unreasonable. Admittedly I didn't read the product description until after I retrieved the tub from the freezer at home, opened the lid and was taken aback by the aroma that presented itself to me...

"Biscuit flavour ice cream with apple sauce (15%), semi candied apple pieces (5%) and topped with biscuit pieces (1%)."

I can't be the only person in the world to expect apple, pastry, cinnamon and possibly custard in an ice cream marketed as Apple Tarte flavour! I've certainly never had biscuit in my apple tart. The initial confusion started as soon as the lid was off, when the remarkably sweet toffee-esque scent hit my nostrils. What would this odd tarty-biscuit-toffee-apple hybrid taste like? 

Toffee apple, that's what. It was strange, but not unpleasant, just more confusing. In fact I gave my other half his ice cream cone as I always do, and then he came back into the kitchen to ask me what flavour it was meant to be -and he never questions his food.

I could certainly taste the apple and a hint of cinnamon, but the predominant flavour was reminiscent of the icing of Greggs' seasonal doughnut and indeed Iceland's cones from the summer -instead of the Apple Tarte I was promised. There were plenty of foamy apple pieces about which added an unusual but pleasing texture. As for the biscuit pieces, they were completely lost-unsurprising really given that they only accounted for 1%. 

Hmm. This Apple Tarte ice cream is somewhat of a mixed bag, and I probably won't buy it again. Just call it toffee apple Carte D'Or for goodness sake! 


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