Wednesday 12 October 2016

E.Wedel Tiramisu Milk Chocolate Bar (Polski Sklep)

A couple of weeks ago I tried, and reviewed, my first E.Wedel chocolate bar. The Cafe Latte Pawelek didn't impress me, and I was left feeling disappointed by the poor quality chocolate and overwhelming alcoholic after burn. I asked you lovely lot if there was another bar that I might get along better with, and Arkadiusz kindly responded; informing me of the peanut Bajeczny bar.  I've been searching for the Bajeczny in every Eastern European deli that I've passed, but haven't had any luck yet -so the quest continues.

On my hunt however, I did spot a couple of other E.Wedel bars that have already been reviewed by other bloggers, and have received much better feedback than I gave the Caffe Latte bar, so I bit the bullet and bought them. To be fair, the Polish chocolates are never too expensive, I just didn't want to feel left down and hankering after a bar of Galaxy when I've finished it. 

The first one I opened was the Tiramisu flavoured bar, which according to the ingredients (there was no product description) comprised of  milk chocolate (50%), a tiramisu flavoured filling, and amaretto flavoured biscuit granules (1.6%). 

The 5 segment bar had snapped in transit, which allowed me to glance at the creamy coloured filling within. Each section held a little nugget on top, reminding me of the Cadbury Toffee Whole Nut bar.

The first taste to hit me was the chocolate, which at first I thought I didn't like. I then realised that it might be because I'm used to milk chocolate with a lower percentage of cocoa solids (Dairy Milk contains a minimum of 23% & Galaxy 25%, whereas E.Wedel promises a minimum of 29%). The more I ate, the more my palate adjusted, and the more I enjoyed it. 

There was an alcoholic flavour to this bar, which was expected this time seeing as Tiramisu typically contains Marsala Wine. It somehow tasted much less overwhelming this time though, and seemed to work in harmony with the chocolate and amaretto biscuits. Talking of the biscuits -and despite them only making up 1.6% of the bar- they were embedded in the top nugget and were delicious, extra points for E.Wedel as they were evident in each and every nibble. The added crunchiness worked wonders for the harmony of the bar, and I really enjoyed them. Without the biscuits, the E.Wedel Tiramisu would be just another alcoholic, creme filled chocolate bar... but with them it became something rather more special. 

At 40p from my local deli, I'll be sure to pick another one soon -and so should you! I've recently discovered the treasures that reside in the Eastern European shops, and so if you don't venture into any, please give them a go every now and then.


There's also a dark chocolate version of the bar, which One Treat At A Time reviewed here

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