Wednesday 26 October 2016

NEW! Magnum Cookie Crumble (Sainsbury's)

There's two new additions to the Magnum line up this Winter which both tap in to the Cookies & Cream fan club market (and yes that -of course- includes me). The 'Cookie Crumbles' are seemingly available in full sized milk chocolate sticks and mini sized white chocolate versions. It's a shame really because I love white chocolate, but don't really understand the point of mini ice creams -unless I eat two of course! Both Magnum Cookie Crumbles have taken a while to reach sleepy ol' Hereford, but I eventually found the triple pack of  milk chocolate full sized ice creams in Sainsbury's yesterday as part of an introductory offer for £2. 

"Cookie flavour ice cream coated with milk chocolate (28%) and chocolate cookie crumbs (3%)."

Whenever I take a break from buying Magnums (i.e when I'm going through a Ben & Jerry's obsessive phase -like now!) I forget just how lovely and thick their chocolate coating is, and this was thankfully the case with the Cookie Crumbles.

I was also pleasantly surprised by their size. Disgruntled by the paltry 88g size of the Double Peanut Butter Magnums at the beginning of the year, I was much happier with the 100ml of ice cream facing me on the stick of this new flavour. 

As usual, Magnum have used a milk chocolate that is slightly darker in colour than the likes of Galaxy or Dairy Milk. There was plenty of cookie crumbs embedded in the chocolate too -so far, so good.

The chocolate tasted as good as I remember too, but then Magnums are normally pretty consistent in their quality. What wasn't as impressive was the cookie crumbs. Perhaps my disappointment was aided by how much I love the Oreo sticks and Tesco's Cookie Crumbles, but there just wasn't much flavour or crunch in the coating. 

The ice cream was also a let down; it was perfectly creamy and indulgent tasting -but that might've been it's down fall. What are cookies without their chewiness, and Ben & Jerry's cookie success is due to the grainy nature of their cookie dough chunks and biscuit swirls. When the texture is completely smoothed out, the cookie kind of loses what makes it special. Does that make sense? I mean, the flavour was yummy -I just couldn't pinpoint what it was and I certainly couldn't have recognised it for being cookie. 

Oreo, Ben & Jerry's and even Tesco remain the front runners when it comes to cookie style ice creams. Considering that these are most expensive of the four brands I won't bother with this flavour again -there's much better Magnums out there.



  1. I felt the same when I tried the white ones! I was a bit underwhelmed especially with the cookie ice cream filling - it tasted a bit odd to me? Not worth the price I don't think - there's nicer ice creams out there.

  2. You're so right! Have you tried Tesco's version?