Monday 10 October 2016

NEW! Chocolate Dunk Cheesecake Slices (Co-Op)

For those of you who aren't as food and/or marketing obsessed as I am, you may not be aware that Co-Op is currently mid-way through a large change in their strategy. Have you spotted their updated blue logo yet? They've also launched the new Co-Op membership, which now enables you to earn back 5% of your spending for another day, whilst they also pledge to give an addition 1% back to your local community. It all sounds good to me, but please let me know if I'm being naive and they're just putting the prices up to compensate!

Another change for the organisation is a re-brand of their Co-Op own label. I love this as it means that there will be plenty of yummy new products to grace shelves in the coming weeks and months. One of the first items I spotted and found instantly irresistible was this pack of 'Chocolate Dunk Cheesecake Slices', part of their new American dessert range.

"Chocolate brownie batter topped with a Madagascan vanilla cheesecake batter, drizzled with a Belgian chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate decorations."

I hope you'll agree with me upon the dessert's sheer beauty. I can't remember ever having seen a more spectacular looking supermarket cheesecake! The chocolate drizzled down the side gave the slice a luxurious effect, and I loved the single white chocolate star gracing the front like an effigy on a ship.

The cheesecake was substantial yet fluffy, with a welcome balance between natural tartness and sweetness coming from the vanilla flavour. Nothing beats homemade of course, but this came a close second. Underneath the cheesecake was the brownie layer. Now I'm of the understanding the a cheesecake must include a biscuit base, however I knew I would forgive the Co-Op if the brownie was decent.

It was. There was enough cocoa in it to avoid being sickly, and it was soft and gooey - just as it should be. It was thick enough to be sold as a brownie in it's own right, none of this ASDA base nonsense. I kind of hoped there would be chocolate chips in it, but of course there wasn't -perhaps that would be a step too far anyway. The only issue I had was that the slice lacked the textural juxtaposition between crunchy base and creamy cheesecake. Still, it was delicious, so it's only a tiny weeny moan.

Anyone expecting a gooey sauce or ganache topping might be disappointed with the chocolate on top, for it was set solid. Again, I was pleased by this and enjoyed the fact that the chocolate crunched against the cheesecake below. The malty balls (oo-er) were a nice touch too. All in all, it was a rich, decadent, and sickly affair, EXACTLY what was needed on a Friday night after a long week.

I actually think I preferred these to the Rhokett chocolate cheesecakes, and that's really saying something. For £2.69 per pack, they're a delicious treat for when that chocolate craving really hits - I know I'll certainly be enjoying them again.



  1. Wow these look incredible!! I'm so jealous that there's not really any big Co-ops near me at all! I'm hoping that maybe some of the smaller ones near me may get these in! Drool!

    1. These were in my tiny local co-op Nat so fingers crossed!

    2. Looks can be deceiving...this looked so yummy.
      I found the cheese cake to be very rich. The chocolate was dark and bitter. Unlike milk chocolate. I ate it but wished i hadn't made me feel ill. Sickley overload.
      I would not buy again.