Sunday 23 October 2016

E.Wedel KarmelLove: Caramel White Chocolate, Peanut & Biscuit Bars (Polski Sklep)

My recent exploration into E.Wedel chocolate continues today with not one but TWO reviews of their KarmelLove bars -it's my special Sunday treat for you ;). The products look remarkably similar, and in fact the English descriptions on their packets didn't give much away either (my Polish isn't up to much I'm afraid). 

This bar describes itself as:"Milk bar with salted peanuts and biscuits in caramel white chocolate."

Wheras this one states:"Peanut bar with salted peanuts and biscuits in caramel white chocolate."

So for ease I'll refer to the topone as the milk bar, and the bottom as the peanut bar. Both weigh 40g, and cost 60p from separate local Polish Delis.

Milk Bar
I adore white chocolate and caramel flavoured white chocolate, but the second is far less prominent in the U.K market. The only similar mass produced bar we have is the Caramac -a bar I have previously written about my nostalgic connections with. Would the E.Wedel bar bear resemblance?

Looks wise it's not up to much, but taste wise it's even better. The outer coating is certainly reminiscent of Nestle's Caramac, but of course the British bar is snappable due to it's slim nature -and contains no filling. The milky centre of the E.Wedel bar is super sweet but comfortingly so. The addition of chunky salted peanut pieces contrast against the sweetness wonderfully -reminding me of my favourite Reese's- and bringing the flavours back into non sickly territory. The biscuit pieces were also excellent, bringing a Tiffin-esque quality to the bar. Lets be honest: white chocolate + caramel + peanuts + biscuits = sheer heavenly genius. 
I need more pronto.


Peanut Bar
I wasn't sure how different this would be to the first, caramac like, KarmelLove bar. The darker interior that could be seen through the opaque caramel white chocolate layer took me a little by surprise, and I was curious to discover what lay within.

The peanut bar was much softer than the milky version, slicing easily in two with only the slightest resistance from the knife -despite being stored in my fridge. The chocolate coloured filling within was also entirely different to the creamy centre. 

The caramac-like chocolate covering tasted as before, however this time it was slightly lost against the stronger milk chocolate filling. The centre wasn't just chocolate though, it was peanut buttery too, kind of like the Reese's chocolate spread. Mmm. It's needless to tell you how well the salted peanuts worked with this filling: much more successful than the lacklustre Reese's Crunchy peanut butter cups. Again the biscuits were a happy addition, providing a plethora of textures in every bite. 


Out of the two KarmelLove bars the milk bar just pips it for me -but they're both delicious, and well worth a trip to your local Polish Deli for! 

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