Wednesday 13 September 2017

NEW! Oreo Choc'o Brownie (Tesco)

There's lazy NPD (new product development) and then there's Mondelez. Mondelez are renowned for rehashing Milka bars under the Cadbury name, or combining their products to maximise profits - admittedly I do miss the Cadbury Philadelphia. This time though they've taken the biscuit. Literally. The UK has just been granted a new flavour Oreo, but have we got anything as exciting as the new Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, Jelly Donut, or soon to be released Cookie Butter Oreos? Certainly not. We've got choco brownie. Yes that's right. A chocolate Oreo filled with chocolate filling. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Chocolate creme Oreos have been out in the UK for years, so what on earth are Mondelez playing at?

Last year, following the launch of the somewhat more exciting mint and strawberry cheesecake filled Oreos, the public were asked to partake in a month long flavour vote for the next flavour. So every day a few of us bloggers reminded each other to log on and vote - ok so we might've even used a couple of email addresses each. The choices were: lemon, coconut, banana and brownie batter. Yes, brownie batter.

Now of those choices, I was certainly team banana, but I would've been happy to try the lemon or coconut too. At least they were different. In fairness to those of you who opted for the brownie batter it did sound a little like a chocolatey cookie dough.. but you should've also realised that Mondelez like to cut corners (yep I'm referring to the peanut butter Oreo Dairy Milk for the umpteenth time). Anyway, apparently 43% of voters chose the brownie flavour -methinks their might've been some rigging for the easiest option at Oreo HQ. 

Anyway, the presumably-cooked-and-therefore-not-batter brownie flavour has now been released. So is it any different to the standard chocolate creme Oreo. No. Not in the slightest. In fact the ingredients are the same and they haven't even bothered to change the description*. They're still like an Oreo version of a Bourbon, but somehow not as good. I mean if I wanted a bourbon, I'd buy a bourbon -ya know? 

Christmas is in the shops already so please tell me this is an even more premature attempt at an April Fools.... 

2/10 (purely for taking the piss, Oreo). 

*Here's a comparison of the two packets, see what I mean?


  1. Crapola!

    i would have loved coconut or banana. I'm sure i've had a type of lemon one in the US - but with golden biscuit, they were nice! (if i am not imagining it!)

  2. I'm not that keen on cream biscuits, and therefore don't have much time for Oreos, but I made an exception to read your review. I'd make another exception if Nabisco would bring back their blindingly bright coloured E.T. biscuits from the early 80's. I've no idea what they were supposed to taste of, and I didn't really care either because they were bright coloured and I was barely out of nursery school.

    1. Et biscuits?? oh man i want them, i must have just missed experiencing them as i def would have remembered! When i was at primary school i loved Cartoonies and some kind of teddy biscuits, not tiny teddys as they are australian, i cant remember the name of them now, i did remember it a while back but now i can't!

    2. oh ive just found the photo i took when i found out what they were - huggy bears!

  3. I love this review, so very much. Mondelez are just annoying the hell out of me with their lazy lack of any actual development. And it's frustrating, given there are other flavour combos that sound interesting in other parts of the world. But no, we're British. We can have chocolate flavoured chocolate.