Tuesday 12 September 2017

Orion Studentská Pečeť Duomix: Nestle's White & Milk Chocolate Bar with Peanuts, Raisins & Jelly

Last week I popped into one of Hereford's Eastern European Deli's, one that I don't often visit due to its location. In it I found a number of chocolate bars that I've not seen before, by a brand I'd also never come across - Orion. However, when I picked up one of the bars out of sheer curiosity (I hope you'll understand why) I soon discovered that Orion is a nestle brand. Ahhh. Now I didn't give into temptation at the time, but posted a couple of stories about the range on my instagram. Within minutes I was inundated with messages about how great the bars were. I was going to have to try this unusual chocolate...

At £1.29 for 180g the bar was excellent value too - at least I thought so until I realised it was a month out of date. Oh well, it wasn't about to kill me. The Reese's cups that were 15 months out of date didn't anyway. Not being able to speak Czech or Slovakian I'm afraid I couldn't be sure of what the bar entailed. Google translate (of Orion's website) paints a very odd picture... 

"DUOMIXCan not you decide if you have a taste for a white or milk STUDENT CARE? Duomix offers a bit of each variation, while the tongue dissolves so quickly that you want to taste another dice."

I was met with a very aesthetically pleasing bar when I retrieved it from is foil wrapping. Made primarily of white chocolate, each cube was topped with a milk chocolate topping, whilst the underside was heftily nobbled. I hadn't seen a bar this interesting for a long time -if ever. 

Unfortunately the quality of the white chocolate wasn't all that great. It tasted chalky and whilst I wasn't expecting the creaminess of luxury Belgian white chocolate, I did expect it to be on par with Nestle's Milkybar. The milk chocolate topping tasted more like a smooth praline to me. The hazelnut flavour came as a welcome surprise though and complimented the white chocolate beneath.

But what about the pieces within the bar I hear you ask? Each cube provides a different textural experience thanks to the the abundance of chopped peanuts, raisins and jelly beans. Both the peanuts and raisins worked well with the chocolate. The peanuts of course added salinity and crunch, whilst the raisins added moisture and a slight chew. 

Those jelly beans though. They're the main reason I don't buy the Cadbury Marvellous Creation bars. Jelly in chocolate just doesn't work for me, and seems to be a cheap filler to bring down the cost of production. I find that they're obtrusive little pests that offer little in the way of flavour but seem to wedge themselves frustratingly between teeth. Perhaps that's just me though. 

All of my complaints make it sound like I didn't enjoy this chocolate bar, when it some strange way I did. There's a certain charm to it - perhaps because it's so unusual, or maybe it's because it didn't leave me out of pocket. I wouldn't rush to buy it again, but If you spot it and fancy something completely alternative to what we've got in the UK then give it a go! 



  1. It's not just you, jelly in chocolate is not good.

    On a school resident trip to France many years ago, I encountered a strange concoction of a chocolate bar studded with chewing gum. My curiosity forced me to buy it, but the reality of trying to swallow the chocolate while trying not to swallow the gum taught me that eating sweets isn't always as much fun as you'd think it might be.

    1. This made me laugh out loud! That does not sound remotely enjoyable... lesson learned?

    2. By the time I got to the end of the 3 bars I bought, yes!

  2. Sounds interesting. My favourite Cadburys creation is the one with jelly/popping candy it - there's also an Aussie Black Forest Cadburys that has little jellies in that i Like. but i can see why you dont.

    Out of date is totally fine, i find most stuff keeps well past best before - the only things which seem to be not cool are Oreos which go a bit soft and blah - but chocolate, sweets, biscuits, i dont really pay attention to the dates. I've eaten Skyr that's 2 months past best before (unopened), on several occasions and couldnt tell the difference and been fine.

    but appreciate if you do not agree with my methods :-) i had a heated 'discussion' with a friend (well me and some other friends vs him) on whether the 'it looks ok and taste ok' approach was valid lol - i hate waste! (this does not apply to meat!)