Monday 11 September 2017

BelVita Breakfast Soft Bakes Chocolate Filled (Sainsbury's)

It's not just Nature Valley who've brought out new 'breakfast' biscuits in the last couple of weeks.  On a side not I still don't know why they're called breakfast biscuits. Do any of you actually eat them or breakfast? Please drop me a comment and let me know. Anyway, the other key player in that market -Belvita- have surreptitiously released two new filled soft bakes in chocolate and strawberry flavours. The did, of course, release the soft bakes range two years ago, but Belvita have obviously decided it's time to give them an uplift. Admittedly I'm more of a Nature Valley girl - but then I'm addicted to oats- however it's Belvita that are bought more often in this house.

And that is because of Bert. He just loves biscuits. Where I can't resist the call of chocolate, he's more into sweets and biscuits. In fact he actively avoids the biscuit aisle in the supermarkets because he knows he won't be able to resist munching his way through an entire pack once it's open - which is why the pre-portioned 'breakfast' biscuits are handy. That and the fact that he's either at work or working on the Landy - so is forever eating out of his lunchbox. So they're handy. For Bert, the Yogurt filled and original Belvitas weigh supreme. The yogurt ones because of the taste, the original because there's four in a pack and they therefore feel more substantial.

"Soft baked biscuits made with wholegrain cereals and a chocolate hazelnut flavour filling (15.6%) and added vitamins and minerals."

Anyway, it was him I picked up these new filled soft bakes for, however I ended up tucking into them first - probably because I bought the chocolate flavour. Sorry Bert. Just for info, I found them in Sainsbury's for £1.50, however I believe they're now in Morrisons too. 

The biscuit was every bit as soft as it promised to be, although not so much that it fell apart in the pack. The smattering of oats was a pleasant sight, as was the golden hue. Breaking it in half revealed a fair amount of spread-like filling. 

Omnomnom. It was cakier than a cookie -and far removed from your standard biscuit- but I really liked it. In fact the consistency reminded me of a nutrigrain, although it was moister than that. As hoped, the chocolate filling was reminiscent of Nutella, although weirdly there's not any nuts in the actual ingredients. That shouldn't really come as a surprise seeing as Belvita comes under the Mondelez banner, and they're notorious for not including nuts in their nut flavoured products (such as the peanut butter Oreo ice cream sandwiches, and atrocious peanut butter Dairy Milk Oreo). 

Despite the lack of actual hazelnuts, I was impressed with these biscuits and went back for the strawberry flavour, so stay tuned for a follow up review of them! But most importantly, what did Bert think?....

"They're nice, but they're not big enough."

There you have it. 



  1. I've just discovered ASDA's white chocolate and raspberry breakfast biscuits. Despite not being that impressed at first, i've since developed quite a taste for them. And at 89p for 24 biscuits they're quite reasonably priced too. But I don't eat them for breakfast!

    1. Ah yes, I feel similarly about them. They're not very "white chocolatey" but they're strangely satisfying - especially for the price!

  2. I occasionally ate them for breakfast but only if there was a particular reason i couldnt have a proper breakfast. i usually eat them as part of my lunch. although i've tried to cut back on them as they are not really the best, and tried to have a Nakd bar instead :-) i rarely buy Belvita though as they are pricey. Home Bargains do something similar for 89p a box! (and similar things in other discount shops)

    i generally eat a whole packet of biscuits once opened too so i either avoid buying them, or opening them unless im willing to committ eating the whole packet (i.e. not trying to eat healthy)

    1. Yeah he likes the Aldi ones... their yogurt filled ones taste more like jam & cream biscuits than the Belvita ones do so they're worth a buy if you're in the market. Have you tried Tesco's fake nakd bars? They're really good!

    2. hmm not sure if i have had aldi ones, i knwo ive had chocolate ones from somewhere other than home bargains but i cant remember where now. i did have some of the belvita ones with jammy stuff in, as they were reduced on my hallowed local market stall, they were quite nice.

      i dont think ive need tesco fake nakd bars! i am going tomorrow so will have a look. I have a £1 voucher off Jude's ice cream and i want to get flat white, but do you think i can bloody find the stuff?? nope. my local waitrose stopped stocking it in May, and i don't think my tesco does, i thikn i will have to make a special trip to sainburys (not on my usual rounds!)