Saturday 2 September 2017

NEW! Nature Valley Nut Butter Almond Biscuits (Sainsbury's)

If you're a regular reader you might've already read my review of the new peanut butter filled Nature Valley biscuits. They were so good that I detoured the very next day via Sainsbury's to fork out another £2.90 for the other flavour: almond butter. Now, I do like almond butter, but never get around to buying any, always favouring my beloved peanut butter when buying a new jar of nut butter. Actually, my dad used to keep me in almond butter, but it must've been a couple of years since I last had any ...

*hint hint, Christmas hamper idea Daddio?* ­čśë.

"Crunchy biscuits made with wholegrain oats, barley and cinnamon with an almond butter flavoured filling."

What I hadn't realised when buying the peanut butter biscuits was that the almond version incorporates cinnamon. I bleeding love cinnamon, and so it wasn't long after I got home that I flicked the kettle on and opened a pack whilst sitting down to write that peanut butter review. On a side note, I don't think I mentioned before that both of these new Nut Butter biscuits are individually wrapped, making them handy to pack into lunch boxes or handbags.

Wowzers. The biscuit is even better than the ones used in the peanut butter ones. They'd got the same oats, hobnob vibe going on, but this time there was a beautiful sweet warmth coming from the spice. As a cinnamon fiend, I was so pleased to find that Nature Valley hadn't underplayed it either. There's absolutely no escaping it, but why would you want to. It's got me wondering why McVities haven't brought out cinnamon Hobnobs actually...

Anyway, I digress, again.

That almond butter was scrummy - soft and smooth with an underlying nuttiness. Some might say that the cinnamon overshadowed the delicate flavour a little, but actually I liked the ratios that way round - it made the eating experience very different to that of the peanut butter biscuits.

I'm actually torn between which flavour I like better. At £2.90 they're on the expensive side for UK mass-made granola biscuit bars, but I'll definitely be stocking up when they inevitably come on offer. 



  1. I suspect the lack of cinnamon hobnobs is in part because cinnamon is, it appears, highly divisive. Everyone I know seems to either love or hate it and it easily dominates. Add cinnamon and the nature of a hobnob would be completely different; its flavour is oats and sugary notes, not spice. It could perhaps work, but I can't see it being easy. The very notion puts me in mind of a knock-off speculoos.

    1. Agreed, but so is peanut butter! As we're getting new digestive flavours I can't help but think it would be nice to see more Hobnob varieties - especially as you can get so many different flapjack flavours!

  2. Bugger i forgot to look for these the other day at the various supermarkets i've been in in the past few days!

    (i went to asda yesterday for jam donuts as i'd just watched Nadiya's tv show and there bloody weren't any! but i did get chocolate orange cookies for 20p.....)

    1. BARGAIN! Wait. Nadiya's got a TV show now...?

    2. Yeah it has food adventure in the title, great british food adventure maybe? ive been watching some on iplayer and/or recorded on tivo - visiting different parts of the UK and sampling local foods and exploring traditions. It's pretty good and she is so nice!

      (i have donuts now, although £1.65 for 4 in greggs - prices have gone up?? i could have got some for 55p in sainsburys!!)