Tuesday 17 November 2015

NEW Fox's Empire Bars

As we're getting closer to the release of the new Star Wars film (something I can't escape due to the almost daily countdown from my other half) there is an ever increasing array of new themed products on the shelves. Earlier this year Fox's released some strawberry lunchbox biscuit packs: Frozen 'Ice Whirls' and Star Wars 'Galactic Snacks'. This must have been a lucrative move for the brand because they have just launched two new licensed lines: Star Wars 'Empire Bars' and Frozen 'Enchantment Bars', which are essentially the same product -chocolate and raisin biscuit bars.

Of course, I fell for the Star Wars theme, and picked up the pack of 8 Empire Bars from ASDA for £1. They are finger shaped biscuits with different characters on each individual packet- and at only 55cals each they are even smaller than the new Rocky Cookie bars I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. 

Looking at them they are very similar (except for the even smaller size) to the cookie bars, and taste virtually identical. I couldn't find any raisins in mine, but then again it was gone in less than two mouthfuls! 

They are tasty, and I guess they provide a bite size sized sugar rush for the children they are aimed at- but for me they're too much style and not enough substance. 


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