Sunday 15 November 2015

NEW Knickerbocker Ice Cream Cones at Tesco

Tesco, thank you for creating yet another new ice-cream in the British Gelato drought season that is otherwise known as winter. Hidden in the freezer aisle, these new additions were modestly situated amongst the other own-brand cones, at the very reasonable price of £1 for the box of 4.

Knickerbocker Glorys have become somewhat of a a retro dessert- something you don't often see on menus anymore- and indeed it seems to be open for debate as to what the dish consists of.
For example the Telegraph's recipe calls for 'vanilla ice cream, raspberry ice cream and raspberry coulis' whereas the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as 'a ​sweet ​dish consisting of ​layers of ​ice ​cream, ​fruit, ​jelly, and ​cream, ​served in a ​tall ​glass.'  

Tesco have taken a completely different route altogether, and their take on the Knickerbocker Glory cones are 'Peach & strawberry and cream ice creams in a biscuit cone coated with chocolate flavour coating, rippled and topped with peach sauce and sugar balls.'  I guess that Knickerbocker Glory sounds much more enticing than Peach and Strawberry-  in fact I don't think I would have purchased them if I had realised that's what it was!

The sprinkles were a pretty addition, and there were also generous dollops of peach sauce drizzled on top. The ice cream tasted more tutti fruity than strawberry & peach, as the flavours muddled together within the cone. The sauce offered an enjoyable contrast, providing a tartness that cut through the sweet ice cream, and the biscuit cone had a lovely dark chocolate rim which added an extra depth of flavour.

These are much more refreshing than the standard flavour cones, and if you're a fan of fruity ice cream I'd suggest giving these a go!  I'll probably stick to chocolate in future...


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