Tuesday 24 November 2015

NEW Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Müller Corner

How did I miss this new corner when reviewing Müller's new limited editions last month?
 Raspberry + Cheesecake + Brownie + Yogurt = Could it sound any more appetising? 
With so many components would Müller pull it off? 

"Cheesecake flavour yogurt with a raspberry layer and digestive & chocolate brownie pieces."

The yogurt was surprisingly good, and almost made me jump up and down with glee at the surprisingly rich and creamy tanginess of it that genuinely resembled cheesecake. The raspberry sauce was extremely sweet - more like jam- and despite not being quite as tart as I would have liked, worked well with the yogurt.. The brownie pieces packed a powerful cocoa punch for such small little cubes, and the digestive biscuits offered further texture to this wonderful little dessert. 

The components perfectly complemented each other, resulting in my favourite Müller product to date- it's safe to assume that I'll be making the most of this limited edition whilst it lasts! 


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