Wednesday 11 November 2015

NEW Thorntons Chocolate 'Fabulous Fudge' Pots

Thorntons released their new Fabulous Fudge pot desserts into Tesco stores last month in three different flavours- Toffee, Vanilla and Chocolate. Both Lucy and Kev reviewed the Toffee variety and were impressed by Thornton's venture into the fresh dessert sector, so when they came on offer last week I decided it was time to try them out for myself. I deliberated between the Toffee and Chocolate flavours, but the Chocolate (of course) won out in the end.

The pots are tiny at only 65g each, and are described as 'Fudge mousse with a layer of chocolate dessert.' I was praying that the mousse would be much better than the disastrous Cadbury Bubbles of Joy Duo desserts that I reviewed last month.

I needn't have worried because Thorntons didn't disappoint- the chocolate topping was similar both in flavour and texture to velvety ganache. The fudge layer had a rich caramel flavour and was thicker than most commercial mousses which added to the impression of luxury. 

It's a delicious dessert but I felt that it was just too small. I also believe that it would benefit from a third layer that could introduce some texture. I have to admit that I actually prefer the Caramellionaire Desserts I reviewed at the beginning of October.



  1. Thanks for the mention :) I wouldn't have deliberated I would have just bougt both if they were offer when I saw them lol! I do agree they'd be nice with something extra to jazz them up a bit...maybe some actual fudge or toffee pieces? And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they were too small! I found the same thing with Cadbury pots of joy.

  2. That's s good shout, I was thinking something biscuity! One is definitely not enough though 😒