Sunday 8 November 2015

Honeycomb Magnum

I've been searching for these Honeycomb Magnums for a couple of months because it seems that none of our local major supermarkets stock them. I finally found them this week in our smaller city centre Tesco and -even better- they were half price at £1.67 for the pack of three.

They are described as 'Honeycomb flavour ice cream with milk chocolate and sugar pieces.' 

The milk chocolate was Magnum's normal good quality, and was plentifully adorned with miniature nuggets of honeycomb which were simultaneously crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth. The ice cream tasted more butterscotch than honeycomb; reminiscent of the nostalgic 'Angel Delight'. I actually found the combination of chocolate and ice cream together unbearably sweet, and so nibbled off all of the chocolate before enjoying the ice cream separately.

I enjoyed the Honeycomb Magnum, and it made a pleasant change, but I wouldn't choose it over their 'Strawberry and White' or 'Espresso' ice creams in future. 


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