Saturday 21 November 2015

Portlebay Cinnamon Swirl Popcorn

I'm a bit of a cinnamon fiend, so much so that I'll sprinkle it on cereal, peanut butter, and even bananas. It's my favourite spice and I'd be a bit lost without it, hence my utter disappointment at the revolting Boots Cinnamon Popcorn I reviewed last month. Portlebay popcorn also make a cinnamon variety, and I've hoarded it until almost last from that box they sent me. I prayed it wouldn't disappoint in the same way, but their other flavours are (mostly) wonderful so I wasn't overly concerned.

The popcorn was a lovely golden colour, and it was perfectly light and crunchy. The cinnamon was perfect, it was warming and festive, with the much needed sweetness to back it up. There was a strong apple flavour that came through deliciously, which meant that the popcorn tasted more like Apple Crumble- what a treat! 

This popcorn couldn't be more different to the Boots atrocity. If you've got a penchant for apple crumble, but want something a bit healthier, then this might be the perfect snack for you!


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