Tuesday 10 November 2015

NEW Chocologic No Added Sugar Chocolate

When I read that a new brand of no added sugar chocolate was due to launch in Tesco, my heart sank. I don't agree with the sugar tax concept, and I believe (as a marketing and advertising student) that imposing a tax on unhealthy food will have minimal impact on the general public's consumption of sugar.
I definitely couldn't imagine that a chocolate sweetened with stevia instead of sugar would be enjoyable, and so the company behind the new 'no added sugar' confection -Chocologic- offered to send me a sample so that I could experience it for myself. True to their word; a few days later the post heralded a Chocologic chocolate and hazelnut bar.

I decided to take it to university as my friends all have a similar love of chocolate, and I thought it would be interesting to also take their views into consideration. The bar is quite thin, similar in design to the Lindt 100g bars.

The chocolate surprised us all because it is silky smooth and unexpectedly sweet, despite the obvious lack of sugar, and certainly doesn't taste like a health(ier!) treat. It's not as rich as galaxy or milk chocolate which sadly means it's closer in flavour to supermarket unbranded chocolate. One of my friends thought it tasted bitter and more like a dark chocolate, but I have to disagree and thought it tasted rather milky. The hazelnuts were finely chopped, but luckily retained enough bite to enhance the bar's texture.

In all honesty, I wouldn't buy this particular bar in favour of my usual chocolate bars of choice, but all of my fellow students were in agreement that the taste far exceeded our expectations.

I think, however, that it's a fabulous product for anyone needing to watch their sugar intake -especially diabetics- and a vast improvement to the lower sugar chocolate I've tasted in the past.

 Their range comprises of: the milk chocolate with hazelnuts, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, a Neapolitan wrapped assortment and Belgian seashells filled with hazelnut cream. I am suitably intrigued by their white chocolate (only currently available in their Neopolitan selection) and the seahorses though, and I'd buy them if I saw them.

 Chocologic will be available for purchase from Tesco stores this week- so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. I tried the dark choc version yesterday and wasn't too impressed really.

  2. Oh no! You were so excited too! I thought this was quite good despite the lack of sugar... But sugar does taste sooo good!