Tuesday 1 December 2015

Thorntons 'Snowman & The Snowdog' Chocolate Truffle

I was browsing the Christmas products in Waitrose when these cute 'snowman' themed chocolates caught my eye. As I grew up watching the Raymond Briggs classic, and it remains one of the festive traditions that makes up part of my Christmas Eve, I felt impervious to resist.

'Milk chocolate with a white chocolate truffle centre' 
I purchased them for the reasonable price of 2 for £1. Unwrapping my truffle I was happy to discover that the chocolate had a pleasing resemblance to both characters (they've clearly got more advanced moulds than the Reese's Christmas Trees!) As you can see from the photo below, the chocolate was very glossy, which I thought was unusual and oddly off-putting.

It tasted as waxy as it looked, with a horribly cheap and chalky flavour meaning that it wasn't as smooth as I'd have liked -or expected- from what was once considered a luxury brand*. The centre was disappointingly lacklustre, completely devoid of white chocolate's characteristic creaminess, and I couldn't even really determine it against the milk chocolate. Texturally the truffle was very close and only marginally softer than it's covering.

I think these are beautiful little chocolates, and I think they would make children smile -if they pause long enough to look at them before munching them that is! As an adult however I'm a bit despondent at the lack of taste quality.


*It must be noted  that I don't eat a tremendous amount of Thorntons, so admittedly my taste buds are more accustomed to Galaxy or Dairy Milk

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