Sunday 27 December 2015

Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Yule Log

Now, just on the slightest off-chance that you've not eaten yourself into oblivion, and are still inclined to read about chocolate (even if you can't eat anymore), today's post is a follow-up to the lacklustre Cadbury's Mini Yule Logs. I'd been hankering after something a bit more decadent, any I was toying between buying the Co-Op's Chocolate & Amaretto Yule Log and Tesco Finest's version. The Co-ops bûche de Noël sounded more appetising, simply due to the Amaretto content, but Tesco's finest had resounding praise from bloggers Hannah & Lucy.

I decided to opt for the Tesco version, as these girls know their chocolate. It looked devilishly delectable, with a thick Belgian Chocolate ganache frosting smothering the entire cake. It sliced wonderfully, revealing the tell-tale chocolatey swirl. 

The chocolate ganache was beautiful- perfectly rich and chocolatey in an 'I'll lick the bowl when no-ones looking' way. The cake however was disappointingly dry, lacking the fudge-like stickiness that I expected (my personal quality indicator of homemade chocolate cake). Perhaps it needed lashings of double cream, but I'm afraid I didn't have any. The chocolate buttercream tasted decent enough, but I found that the ratio was a bit off-kilter. Although Tesco were generous with the ganache, they could have been a bit kinder with the internal buttercream swirl.

It might just be me, and my experience of home-made Yule Logs combined with the sky high expectations I had of this cake that led to my disappointment; although it was definitely a damned sight better than the Cadbury's minis. With that in mind, I'd be keen to know if any of you have tried it this Christmas, and if so what did you think?


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