Friday, 11 December 2015

Gingerbread Reindeer from ASDA

How sweet is this new festive pack containing half of Santa's steeds? Yes, another gingerbread related post, but now i've rekindled my love with the spice I can't get enough! This pack of mini Rudolphs cost £1.25 and can be found in the bakery section at ASDA.

I only realised after I bought them that the supermarket has 'life hacked' when making the biscuits (as they're really just upside-down traditional gingerbread men)! Tut Tut ASDA- I'm sure you could've forked out for proper Christmas cookie cutters! Also, some of my Reindeers look a bit... erm... special...

The gingerbread itself is rock hard, which made it difficult to munch on with bad teeth, but nothing a good tea-dunk couldn't rectify. The spice level was spot on, offering a warming heat but not overwhelming the tastebuds.

Cute little treats ASDA, I like the cuteness, even if you are being Scroogey on the production costs! At the moment it's a 

(but it'll bump up to a 7 if & when they soften up).

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