Wednesday 16 December 2015

Star Wars: Cereal & Breakfast Biscuits from Kellogg's

It's here: Star Wars day! The day my dedicated other half has been counting down to for well over a year. It took him almost 8 years but he's recently persuaded me to watch all six films, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed them. So it's needless to say that we'll be pootling down to our local Odeon tonight for the midnight showing...

Star Wars has crept its way into all sorts of merchandise- from Waffle makers to doggy outfits and of course food. I reviewed Fox's rather pathetic 'Empire Bars' last month, and now it's Kellogg's turn with a double review of the Star Wars themed cereal & Multi-Grain biscuits. 

Multi-Grain Biscuits

Kellogg's have cleverly designed the packaging so that you can either choose a character from the dark-side or light-side of the force to face you (it had to be Vader naturally). The biscuits are described as 'Wheat and Wholegrain Cereal Milk Chocolate Biscuit with Chocolate Pieces'

The box contains six individually wrapped packs of four biscuits, although Kellogg's have misleadingly displayed calorie information on the box for just 2 biscuits- I'm not sure how that passed through the Advertising Standards Agency.

Anyway, taste wise they were completely different to what I expected with an intensive cocoa hit coming from the chocolate chips. I was convinced they had coconut in as they reminded me so much of 'Nice' biscuits but I've checked the ingredients and they haven't; so it must be the shape and texture that mentally connected the two. They're quite pleasant, but I probably won't buy them in future because -even on offer- they're £2 a box, and quite honestly Belvita make better breakfast biscuits.


Breakfast Cereal 

The Star Wars Cereal is 'chocolate flavoured wheat, wholewheat and puffed rice cereal'  in the shape of moons and stars. The newest boxes contain a 'free light sabre spoon' but In my usual tightwad way I wasn't prepared to pay the extra 75p for the promotional pack to get a spoon which looked no more substantial than a fork from the chippy.

I fully expected the cereal to mimic Coco Pops, but It held its shape better. It started out very chocolatey, but it wasn't long before most of the cocoa had bled into the milk. This wasn't particularly a problem, as it left me with a lovely chocolatey pool to slurp away at greedily. Again, this is a nice enough product but my other half quite rightly pointed out that really it's just Weetos in disguise. 


May the force be with you...

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