Sunday 6 December 2015

Coconut & Caramel Poshcorn by Tyrells

As a Herefordian, I know Tyrells pretty well. I remember getting excited as teenager when spotting our local Tyrells crisps in deli's across the UK as the company grew both in size and reputation (William Chase refused to let Tesco stock his products). However when he sold the business in 2008, the new owners made a lot of changes and I lost love for the company.It has since been sold again, and the brand has expanded into Nibbles, Tortillas and Popcorn too. 

As you may have gathered from my many reviews, I love popcorn. One of my favourite products is the Propercorn 'Sweet Coconut & Vanilla', so when I spotted Tyrells' 'Coconut & Caramel Poshcorn' in my local Co-op I decided to put my grudges aside and give it a go.  

The popcorn was very light and fluffy, and similar to both Propercorn & Portlebay's products there was a distinct lack of unpopped kernels. Biting into the corn, it was very soft. I could taste a hint of both the caramel and the coconut, but it was very subtle. Perhaps it would be a good snack to have alongside a glass of white wine?

To be honest, I was pretty underwhelmed by Tyrells attempt at popcorn. Propercorn can pride itself on the strength of its flavours, whilst Portlebay has a good depth of flavour and crunchy texture. With that in mind, I probably won't buy it again. 


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