Friday 25 December 2015

NEW! Milk Chocolate Bubbly Santa from M&S

Merry Christmas!

Santa visited! Well chocolate Santa did, but he's got to be the best kind.

The Santa's moulding is a little fancier than tM&S' white chocolate Polar Bears  -atleast he has eyes- but as you can see he's been in the wars a little bit... probably what Santa looked like after he's been down a million and one chimneys last night! 

Now I don't know about you, but I prefer to keep my chocolate in the fridge. I mention this because the casing is pretty thick, which made Santa a bit difficult to chomp on once refrigerated. The bubbles were less delicate than an Aero's, although not unpleasant -just texturally different. The flavour was rich with a deep cocoa flavour, which made the chocolate taste more luxurious than many leading brands. 

Again, I'm pleasantly surprised by M&S' chocolates and I'll be buying more of their non-seasonal range in future!  


Have a wonderful day; may you eat drink and be merry!

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