Tuesday 15 December 2015

NEW! Chocolate Filled Star Doughnuts from Sainsbury's Bakery

I don't buy doughnuts very often, but how could I resist these star shaped treats filled with chocolate and topped with sparkly chocolate icing? Our nearest Krispy Kreme is 40 miles away, so although I read Lucy's review of their festive offerings a couple of weeks ago I haven't been able to have a Christmassy doughnut myself- until now! 

My star was a little misshapen, but I'm kind of used to my oddly shaped festive food following ASDA's rather special gingerbread reindeers. I'm pleased to see that Sainsbury's haven't been stingy with the icing and that the doughnuts are plentifully covered in the shimmery bronze sugar pieces.

Slicing into it I welcomed a generous pocket of oozy chocolate sauce that resembled Nutella. The doughnut was soft, fluffy, and thankfully lacked the greasy feel I expected. The topping was thicker than expected, and offered a satisfying crunchy texture with a good -but admittedly artificial- chocolate flavour. The gooey chocolate centre was definitely the highlight, let's face it chocolate spread and doughnuts are a match made in heaven!

At £1 for the pack of two these were a reasonably priced festive indulgence, and I dare say we'll be buying more before the big day itself.


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