Thursday 10 December 2015

NEW! Caramel Ice Cream Trees from Iceland

OK so Iceland hasn't got the best reputation when it comes to quality food, but I've got to admit that I regularly shop there when buying ready meals for my other half; he works odd shift patterns and its the only way he can have a hot evening meal. We've tried all of the other leading supermarkets, but in his opinion Iceland make the best- and their price is unbeatable!

So, I dashed into store on the way home from uni to pick up his favourites (the cheese, sausage and bean meal is apparently the tastiest) and couldn't help notice the huge new range of Christmas products. In amongst the festive desserts were these cute caramel ice cream trees, which were a bargain at £1 for 3.

I think that Iceland's ice cream range is generally superb (especially their peanut & banana cones they stocked throughout the summer!) and so I didn't hesitate to pick up a pack. Each tree is 90ml, so comparably slightly smaller than a Magnum at 110ml, and is 'Caramel flavour ice cream with a milk chocolate flavoured coating'. It's that phrase chocolate flavour that concerns me, but given how inexpensive they were I wasn't too worried that they mightn't be of the highest quality.

The milk chocolate coating was in fact delicious. It was milky and creamy, similar to Galaxy. It cracked pleasingly to reveal the ice cream encased within. The centre was soft and velvety, with a rich caramel flavour which I thought might become too sickly but didn't. If I'd have been blind taste-tested, I'm sure I would've easily mistook them for an upmarket brand instead of the discount retailer with a slightly dodgy reputation. 

Iceland, I applaud you for your low prices and good quality. I'm coming back to hunt for the white chocolate & strawberry ice creams, and I might even pop some of the deliciously tempting ice cream chocolates and/or 'Enrobed Profiteroles' in my basket whilst I'm there!


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