Sunday 20 December 2015

Cadbury's Yule Logs

Hannah & Lucy have been hot on the case when it comes to the battle of the supermarket Yule Logs, and I highly recommend reading their reviews if you're undecided as to where to buy one from this year. 

As there's just two of us (and our mutt Monty) in our house -and my other half isn't keen on chocolate cake- I thought I'd buy the Cadbury's Mini Yule Logs rather than miss out altogether. The pack of 6 was bought from ADSA for £1.50, and Cadbury describe them as 'Chocolate flavoured sponge with chocolate flavoured cream, covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled with a light sweet dusting'

Unwrapping the logs I was pleased to discover that they looked as chocolatey as they promised, with a light sugary coating and the tell-tale icing ruts mimicking bark. Cutting it in half however, I realised that visually it was a very dry sponge, and the taste confirmed my suspicions. It was completely devoid of the naughty gooey buttercream that makes a Yule Log so delicious, and the milky creaminess of Cadbury's chocolate. I wouldn't have guessed that this was a Cadbury's creation at all, as it bared no resemblance to their chocolate. 

What a disappointment, these Yule Logs a more like a lacklustre mini roll. Cravings unsatisfied, I might have to give in to the recommendations of Lucy and Hannah... 


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