Wednesday 23 December 2015

Party Melt-In-The-Middle Chocolate Brownies by Sainsbury's

I mustn't be the only person who does this- who buys Christmas food meant for the day itself (or Boxing Day in this case) but who gives into temptation ahead of time? No? Well, I'd bought some party food with the best of intentions, and I swear these mini brownies called to me from the freezer "Eat me! Eat me!" 

So, with only a few days to go, the Brownies got opened. I bought them from Sainsbury's frozen range as part of their 3 for £5 party food deal.The packet advises that you can eat them cold or hot, but why not have them warm and gooey? Handily, they come in individual cases so you can microwave one (or more) at a time. I popped 4 in the microwave for the stated 25 seconds, but they came out tepid and -as I was eating them with ice cream- I nuked them for a further 10 seconds.

The brownies offered an intense dark chocolate burst, and despite the extra microwaving, maintained a small but undeniably gooey centre. They were as as squidgy as any good home-made brownie, however they are only tiny, so even the two I ate didn't touch the sides! 

If you're looking for sweet, inexpensive party food nibbles, and are a chocolate fiend like myself then I recommend these mini melt-in-the-middle brownies from Sainsbury's.


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