Wednesday 30 December 2015

Bahlsen Poppy Seed Stollen vs Lidl Marzipan Stollen

I had a bit of a bad experience with Stollen this year. I first tried to buy some from Waitrose -but they'd run out- then I bought a mini one from Lidl -which was awful- and then thankfully my luck changed and Bahlsen sent me one with some of their Zimtsterne biscuits. The Stollen they sent me however was a Poppy Seed version that I've never seen before, and one I'd probably not usually be inclined to buy. I've nothing against seeds, I just love marzipan so would always opt for the version with the thick almond paste running through it.

'This Premium stollen is a fantastic edition to our Christmas range. This stollen is filled with a poppy seed filling which complements the sweet fruit and icing sugar. A must have for a traditional German Christmas.'

When I unwrapped it, I was greeted with a lovely sweet festive scent from the loaf covered with a generously thick layer of icing sugar -reminding me why I love the traditional German Christmas treat so much. Slicing the Stollen revealed the Poppy Seed swirl which accounts for 9% of the total ingredients. 

The loaf was sweet and dense in a comforting manner that felt oh-so nostalgic of Christmas' past. The spice and fruit came through well, offering flavour and texture in every bite. I'm sure I came across some marzipan, and although it doesn't explicitly mention it amongst the ingredients, it does declare almonds on the allergen list (so I may or may not have imagined it). The poppy seeds were an unusual addition, and although I still prefer the marzipan as a filling, they added something different to this festive loaf. 


A Huge thank you to Bahlsen for sending me this Stollen to try!

Just to give you some contrast, this dear readers is a picture of the atrocious Lidl Marzipan Stollen... 

As you can see, it's lacking the sweet denseness of Bahlsen's loaf, which renders the whole thing crumbly and dry.


If you've only tried the Lidl vesion, thinking that as a German supermarket they should know their Stollen, I implore you to buy Bahlsen's offering instead next year!

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