Saturday 5 December 2015

Twinkies, Hawaiian Punch & Laffy Taffy Strawberry (Taffy Mail Pt2)

The second instalment of my Taffy Mail review contains the American iconic filled cake 'Twinkies', Hawaiian Punch 'Fruit Juicy Red' and the strawberry Laffy Taffy.


I've heard 'Twinkies' being referenced in many an American TV show, and I remember hearing about the outrage stateside when its manufacturer -Hostess- filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Hostess made a comeback the following year, and I've been intrigued to find out what makes Twinkies so special ever since. 

They are in fact just oval shaped sponge cakes with a creamy filling. I couldn't find a best before date on the pack Taffy mail sent but they'd got a horrible sweat on the inside of the pack, and when I unwrapped it the cakes had glued themselves to the cardboard sleeve. 

Biting into my Twinkie (yes I was kind and shared the pack of two with my other half) it tasted just the same as regular long-life cakes such as the teddy bear shaped 'Barney's'. The creamy centre however was the star of the show- it was soft, fluffy and almost marshmallowy in texture. The ratio of cake:filling was spot on, and I wished I hadn't given up my other one! 


Hawaiian Punch

I have heard less about Hawaiian punch but vaguely recollect seeing it when I visited Miami a few years ago. I don't drink sugary pop so it's not something I'd usually choose, but facing a long afternoon of studying I gave it a go.

This 'fruit juicy red' was as bright as the name suggests, and had an abundance of tropical flavours. I could taste the pineapple and passion fruit although it does contain apple, orange, apricot, papaya and guava too. The can is supposed to contain 100% of your daily vitamin C, but also contains 22g of sugars too. It was a nice treat but not something I'd make an effort to purchase. 


Laffy Taffy Strawberry
There's not much to report when it comes to the Laffy Taffy Strawberry, as it's very similar to the Sour Apple that I reviewed on Sunday.

The flavour is of course your standard synthetic strawberry flavour, despite the packaging claiming that it contains no artificial flavours.

It's a nice sweet treat, but nothing particularly special


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