Saturday 19 December 2015

NEW! Marks & Spencer Milk & White Chocolate Polar Bear

M&S can be a bit hit and miss. They create such innovative and visually stunning concepts when it comes to food and drink, which often unfortunately gets lost in taste translation. I've been hearing good things however about their new chocolates, and so I picked up this cute milk chocolate truffle filled white chocolate Polar Bear (60p but on a 3 for 2 Christmas chocolate mix and match deal). 

Moulding wise- it's not as defined as the Thornton's Chocolate Snowman, but is superior to the sorry looking (but great tasting) Reese's Christmas Tree. My polar bear is missing some eyes, but he still looks quite sweet.

Slicing him in half (sorry bear!) you can see that the filling is generously proportionate to the coating. The white chocolate is beautifully creamy and sweet, with a luxurious milkiness that pleases the taste buds. The chocolate truffle adds an extra textural depth, but I must admit it was slightly overshadowed by the glorious coating. The Mr said he wasn't keen on the centre, but he's not keen on any chocolate that's not Dairy Milk so I'm discounting his comments!

This is kind of an inside-out version of Thornton's Snowman truffle, but it's far tastier. If this chocolate is an indication of the standard of M&S's range, I've been missing out!


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