Friday 22 January 2016

NEW! The White One "Solid Creamy White Chocolate Bar" (M&S)

M&S isn't the first place I'd consider when buying a chocolate bar (a selection box for grandma maybe) but I did promise in my Christmas Day post that I'd buy more of their non-seasonal chocolate. M&S have got lots of inventive new bars for sale, but it was the white chocolate bar that took my fancy.

White chocolate is an utterly under-appreciated commodity here in the UK, with Milkybar tending to be the only choice in most newsagents and supermarkets (and I do feel like a bit of a twit buying Milkybar buttons as an adult). This bar isn't obviously directed towards children however, and at 60p (or 3 for £1.50) its competitively priced price to boot.

The bar comprised of 5 sections in a similar shape and size to Dairy Milk, although it was much smaller than its compadre (weighing just 32g compared to 45g for a Cadbury's bar). The chocolate was silky smooth to touch, and easily snappable into its segments.

It tasted heavenly -I had forgotten how fantastic a good white chocolate can be. It was even creamier and milkier than a Milkybar, with the curved edges of the segments making it all the more enjoyable to eat. I savoured every delicious mouthful, but by the last segment (etched with writing to remind you its the last one, just in case you forget) I was satisfied. It seems that M&S have got the size just right given the sweet nature of white chocolate.

This is a bar I will buy again and again. It is delicious, affordable, and doesn't make me want to pretend I have a child to buy it for! Well done M&S!


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