Thursday 28 January 2016

NEW! Kellogg's 5 Grain Muesli Bars: Chocolate & Nuts (Morrisons)

Kellogg's must be on somewhat of a 2016 health kick. First off, we saw the release of the 'Ancient Legends' range of breakfast cereals, granolas and mueslis, and now they've launched a range of similarly themed grain-focused cereal bars. 

There's two threads in this new range; with two flavours of the 'nutty chewy' bars and two of the muesli variety. I opted for the most chocolatey of all the new products, of course: the 'Chocolate and a Blend of Nuts' Muesli Bars. The pack of four was £1.24 at half price from Morrisons. 

'Oats, wheat, barley, rye and triticale bar with peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds and chocolate chunks'.

I was astonished by the lovely cocoa and nut scents that hit me the second I unwrapped the bar. The chocolate chips seemed to mostly be dotted on top, but the peanuts were studded throughout. The texture was gritty and chewy, which made it feel more of a substantial snack. Taste-wise, there were no complaints from me, the combination of dark chocolate and nuts were in perfect harmony, and I felt I could've quite happily polished off the whole five pack in a single sitting. 

These muesli bars each contain 3.9g of protein, and just 0.8g of saturated fat-making them a perfect go-to mid morning snack for the like-minded chocolate cravers out there. I'll definitely buy more of these, especially whilst they're on offer! 


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